No Matter Where You Move, Make a List, and Make It Smooth

Monday Feb 28th, 2022


No Matter Where You Move, Make a List, and Make It Smooth

By Tina Martin


Today’s brief post covers a few topics on things to look for when you move for a job.


Does your job have you thinking about moving across town or across the country? Changing addresses for your career can be a smart choice that might put you in line for other opportunities down the road. Nonetheless, there’s a lot to think about, and, no matter where you go, you’ll need to look ahead. Today, Danielle Russodivito shares a few examples of things you must consider before choosing your next address.


Quality of Life


Your quality of life should be one of your top priorities, no matter the reason that you’re relocating. Moving to Woodcliff Lake, for example, means that you’ll be in close proximity to plenty of parks and attractions for both you and the kids. Something crucially important here is to make sure that your job accounts for your new cost-of-living. Woodcliff Lake is much more expensive than most US cities, and it has housing prices twice the average of New Jersey. This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t move here, just that you make sure your employer compensates you fairly.


Housing Availability


The housing market is hot across the entire country. So if you’re sticking close to New Jersey or even going as far out as Seattle, you likely run into trouble finding a house, especially if you’re trying to buy remotely. Your next best option is to rent, at least temporarily. Before you rent, do make sure that your neighborhood matches your family’s needs, and that you can find a rental in Seattle that’s large enough for your family – you should have at least one bedroom and one bath for every two people. If you can’t tour properties in person, check listings for those that have 3D tours. You should also ask your employer if they offer relocation assistance for moving along with rental reimbursement while you wait to buy a home.


Job Growth


While you might be moving for your current job now, there’s no guarantee that you will always be there. Before you agree to hop on a flight and go across the country, make sure that the city you’re moving to has the potential to help you land another job down the road. According to MoneyGeek, the top three cities in the US for job growth are Salt Lake City, Birmingham, and Jacksonville. That said, you must also account for your industry. If you’re in technology, for example, you might consider asking your job to relocate you to Atlanta, Austin, or San Francisco.




The quality of the schools in the community in which you live impacts not only your own family, but it also plays a role in the overall atmosphere of the area. Spend some time researching educational opportunities, which is especially important when you do have kids. Fortunately, for those of you sticking close to New Jersey, the Garden State is number one in the US for higher education. You also want to pay attention to the quality of elementary, middle, and high schools as well as healthcare facilities in the area. While moving can boost your income, your family's quality of life may not keep up if the kids aren’t happy in their respective schools.


Where you live matters, and your job is not the only consideration. You must look ahead to everything from cost of living and the availability of houses to the quality of the schools in which your children might enroll. No matter what you choose to do, look ahead so that you don’t look back on your move as a mistake.


Danielle Russodivito is a licensed real estate broker in New Jersey and New York. Call her directly at 845.664.2114.


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