How to Take the Stress Out of Downsizing with Apps and Tech Tools

Sunday Sep 12th, 2021




How to Take the Stress Out of Downsizing with Apps and Tech Tools

By Tina Martin


Large homes can feel spacious and inviting. However, there are some downsides to living large. After all, bigger homes frequently require more upkeep and more money. Alternatively, you might downsize to a smaller and more manageable home.


Whether you’re looking for a smaller home that’s easier to maintain or you’re trying to reduce your monthly expenses, downsizing could be the next logical step. Thanks to all the technology available at your fingertips these days, downsizing has never been easier. If you’ve been dreaming of a smaller home, Danielle Russodivito advises getting started by using one of the following tech tools to help you plan a smooth, efficient downsizing process.


Downsizing Resources


Downsizing may not be the easiest task in the world, but it can be made simpler by employing a few tricks, thanks to modern technology. Check out the list below, charge up your smartphone, and get ready to take advantage of these time- and sanity-saving tips.


6 Apps to Help Organize Your Next Move

These apps (all are free) help you get organized, switch over your utilities, and get an accurate moving quote to avoid unnecessary expenses.


65 Things to Get Rid of Before You Move Across Country

Although this blog post is angled toward those moving across the country, it still contains a helpful guide to the things you may need to purge before moving.


The Best Apps and Sites for Selling Your Stuff 

Too much stuff? Declutter (and sell your old things) before putting your home on the market.


Websites and Apps to Sell Stuff in Your Neighborhood

Use these websites and apps to sell your stuff locally.


What Can I Make from Selling My Home?

Before selling your home, use a home proceeds calculator for an estimate on how much you can expect to earn from the sale.


Use Fences for Security and Convenience

Enlist the help of a local fence company to install and program a set of smart locks for your new home.


Senior-Specific Downsizing Resources


When it comes to downsizing for seniors, unique challenges are at play. Seniors are presented with the monumental task of moving on top of physical and emotional factors. Below are several resources specific to seniors to help simplify the moving process:


Ways to Make Moving Easier for Seniors

Learn how to approach the moving process with sensitivity to reduce emotional tension.


How Technology Can Help Seniors

Some seniors embrace technology, others may run from it. Either way, technology can help during the move — plus, it can have many other benefits as well. Contact Senior Tech Solutions to instruct seniors on smartphone use! 


5 Ways Technology is Making Moving Easier

Even basic technology can make the tasks involved with moving much easier. Learn how here.


9 Things to Consider When Relocating an Aging Loved One

Learn how to make the move as painless as possible by considering these nine factors.


There are plenty of tools and tech resources to help you get started with the downsizing process. With help from the right apps and websites, you can start sorting and decluttering your belongings in no time. Best of all, with the heavy lifting out of the way, you’ll free up your time and energy. That way, you can really focus on finding the perfect home.


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