How to Create the Ideal Home Office That Optimizes Your Business

Friday Aug 20th, 2021


How to Create the Ideal Home Office That Optimizes Your Business

By, Tina Martin,



If you are an entrepreneur running your business from home, you are not alone. According to recent statistics, half
of all U.S. companies are considered at-home businesses, accounting for an impressive total of 15 million operations
by the end of 2020. This arrangement provides numerous benefits, including lower overhead costs, fewer start-up
risks, and more flexibility and convenience. However, it also requires strategic planning to ensure you have enough
space for your business and enough separation and privacy for your personal life.

If you find that your current home office does not provide the space or separation you require, several options can
help. Find the best choice for your company by examining your unique circumstances and carefully considering
your alternatives, such as minor office improvements, major renovations, or working with Danielle and the team to
upsize to a new, larger home.

Making Small Changes That Can Have a Big Impact
If you have plenty of room in your current home, you may be able to accommodate your office with minor
adjustments. However, at a minimum, you should aim to establish a dedicated office in a private and quiet space
that is set apart from the common areas of your house.
Physically separating your workspace from the rest of the home can improve your focus, increase your efficiency,
and protect your personal life from being overtaken by business responsibilities. Moreover, it's easier to claim a
home office tax deduction when your workspace occupies a designated room in your house.
To set up an effective office at home, include items that make your workspace both productive and comfortable:
● An ergonomic desk chair
● A desk with a large work surface
● Adequate storage
● Proper lighting
● Fast, reliable internet service
● High-quality office equipment

Undertaking Home Renovations to Create the Perfect Space
If your home's layout does not provide you with the space and privacy you need, you may want to
consider renovation options to alleviate any deficiencies. As a plus, some home improvements will do wonders for
your home’s appraisal value. Consult with several remodeling contractors to determine plausible alternatives and
expected expenditures.

It may turn out that remodeling doesn't present a cost-effective remedy. If your house doesn't have enough space to
carve out a private office, and if building on an extra room won't work for financial or logistical reasons, it may be
time to upsize instead.

Buying a New Home That Can Better Accommodate Your Business
Start the house-hunting process with a clear idea about your needs and budget. For your wish list, include specific
requirements, including the type and size of spaces needed for your business and your family. To determine
your budget, consider one-time expenditures, such as the down payment and closing costs, as well as projected
monthly expenses, including property taxes, mortgage payment, homeowners association fees, insurance premiums,
and utility expenses.

Next, hire a real estate company that can educate you on the market and guide you throughout the process. Not all
local markets are created equal, after all — in an upscale area like Woodcliff Lake, for instance, the average price
for homes is just under $900K, but can take a longer time to sell. A buyer's agent can help you determine which
locations offer homes that not only meet your square footage needs but also fall within your price range. A trained
professional can also help you visualize how each potential house could accommodate both your family and your company.

By working together, you will hopefully find the perfect home in no time. Contact Danielle today at 845-664-2144. 

While running a business from the comfort of home is an ideal arrangement for many entrepreneurs, your success
can hinge on having enough space and separation to do your job effectively. By evaluating your company's unique
needs, you can make the necessary adjustments to ensure your business has the ideal layout it needs to grow and

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